Cat Owns Stupid Dog


Aiman says:

Stupid dog!

MrJJtheboss says:

dog crying like the little bitch he/she is.

Medici Soldier says:

Cat:I fucked your mother.
Dog: you bitch! I have relatives in the police force!
Cat:*commits assault and battery*

synth on a plinth says:

'Overly yappy dog learns lesson in humility'.

Zunilda Lovett says:

Lmao! Little chicken shit !

Domino Dog says:

Dogs rule, but cats rule too! 😀

MaryB1992 says:

Cats > dogs

iamclassicforlife says:

I never knew dogs could scream like banshees…Man, that sound is unpleasant! 

Goku of Earth says:

worthless dog. good job cat 

Nick Chatziioannidis says:

That is one patheticaly cowardly dog…

darskee21 says:

You got a bitch dog

xoxTaniwolfxox2 says:

Not so tough now XD

Hendrik Coquet says:

That thing that runs away.. is that a pussy or a pig o.0 its definatly not a dog

Dorothyellen w says:

Yes that dog is a slow witted type, both a bully and a coward who can dish it out but can't take it, just won't shut up, and sadly has to learn the hard way to respect the cat.  Also, that was really funny.

xplode says:

lol all you cat haters are way too serious

Pinkie pie says:

Wunnerfulwarren, the dog is not stupid nor nasty, the cat is the nasty , selfish, careless and clueless one.

Typhoon792 says:

I would kick that shit cat so that he flew out the window, but admittedly, that dog really is stupid…

jangid4 says:

what a hideous cat

Affe says:

The dog sounds like a pig! And the cat finishes of with a big meow (translated: shut up bitch)

llamalover02 says:

That cat totally says; "Jesus, shut up already!"

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