German Shepherd Dogs and Babies Compilation NEW

These cute and funny videos of german shepherd dogs and babies proves that dogs aren’t man’s best friend. They’re baby’s best friends. Babies and german shepherd dogs playing together is so adorable!

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BS Toh says:

Aww… sweet video❤

redfoe77 says:

They're so gentle and loving to the small humans

Khidr says:

Ewwwwwwwwww the amount of germs –

Steven Kocik says:

PLEASE people stop compressing your videos to the center of the screen, it is so annoying. just show the whole video please.

Robert Kinoy says:

You will not find a better family dog than a German shepherd.

Vika Khan says:

its super cute but i always wonder is it safe? i mean dog saliva

GLight says:

The first German Shepherd was named Zeus😥

Joshua Ford says:

I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen a single video of a dog just chomping a baby.

short sighteddog says:


woodchopper K9 rex says:

Nice vid, Gsd will protect and love there family until its last breath.

Badge Man says:

wow first taste of cock breath at a month old….great..

Rikth Dcruze says:

the dog says, "U fuck with my master's child, Imma fuck you up"

Edward Armstrong says:

That was the cutest thing ever, the baby is instantly happy. 🙂

F34R K1LL F33DZ says:

I'm so excited im getting a new puppy German shepherd

Jarmarie Ruiz says:

this video tapes are adorable

Enigmatic Soul MvZ says:

i was awwing the whole time

radoxme says:

great family videos

Abby Sawarkar says:

Such huge potentially dangerous dogs so close to such tiny little babies. Am I the only one who thinks this isnt the best of situations.

Dylan Roberts says:

Hell hath no fury like having the terrible luck of standing between a protective German Shepard and an infant.

Bakjam Gai says:

Man those baby's hand are so close to the dogs mouth. So dangerous! Someone should call children welfare

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