A Dog’s Welcome Home from Deployment

***Any and all negative comments will be removed, particularly those that are derogatory in nature towards the military, or those in which the treatment of our dog is critiqued. I assure you that Ryder is loved beyond measure and is treated as a family member… a family member who is a canine and receives constant training as such. If you don’t like the video, move along.***

After spending six months in the Middle East my husband returns home & surprises our lab, Ryder (aka, Bubba). They are each other’s very best friend. You’ll notice that Ryder goes to get a toy at the end… every day when my husband would come home from work Ryder would immediately go get a toy to play with… because daddy coming home always means playtime. Dogs definitely have feelings & their love is special. This video is proof.


Tonia Pross says:

Love this video!  Dogs know and understand far more than some give them credit. You can see how loved Ryder is. Please thank your husband for his bravery and service.  

robbiewazup says:

whoever said dogs don't show have emotions clearly never saw a dog welcoming you home!

kevin delgado says:

at 1:22 the dog noticed

Anthony Samuel says:

Cats suck lol

redsalute3 says:

They always need a toy haha!

doats says:

Now there's a true battlebuddy.

Thesurgent says:

so cute and very uniqe mutt you guys have

Ugly Pyro says:

That lil pup.. >:3

Dawn Jagroop says:

Brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for you that your husband is home safe. Dogs are just the most amazing pets ever.

dooggyloover says:

This is soooo sweet. His reaction when he hears his name being called is so precious.

Little Red Hen Videos - Dalston says:

What a good boy. 

Carla Ariel says:

Aww this is so adorable.

mylifeisJDM says:

Buzzfeed brought me here =) Great video and Happy Veterans day!

Lauren Ellrich says:

your house and dog and this video are all beautiful!!

Jennifer Levine says:

Thanks! We think he's pretty special.

gage west says:

I love your lab

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