Dog’s Mind Blown By Magic Trick

When this dog sees a magic trick, her mind is BLOWN.

Video by Mario Orcon.

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


It's Ya Gurl says:

The owner literally just flicked the finger at the pup.


Cute dog.

I bet hes trained.

lorie marcelo says:

omg !!!! her expression is the best !! i love her !!she's so cuteeeeeeee i wanna cuddle her .. ^_^

The Poke'Saurus says:

What bread of dog is that?

*YUSIF_REİZ* says:


Brooklyn Z says:

I'm confused too pup

AlbaOrtiz0955 Eieia y Ieieo says:

gracioso 😮🙌magia

Kali Baker says:

doggie said but why please I shake

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