Dog Tricks : Sitting Pretty Dog Trick

Teach your dog new tricks, like the sitting pretty dog trick. Learn how with expert tips on dog tricks in this free pet care and obedience video.

Expert: Kim Amatucci
Bio: Kim Amatucci is a practicing Pet Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant. She has been training since 2002 and been working with her own pets for the past 13 years.
Filmmaker: Travis Waack


marshal obuzor says:

muah ! love the vid.
Cool, complete and coincise.
Thank you !

Violeta Kirilova says:

hello miss ! i have problems with my dog.all the time when we go walking out she start to eat trash and shits.can you show me please with some video how to learn my dog to not eat trash and shits and to drop stuff.under stuff i mean trash when have in the mouth.when i start say drop she start to run away from me and i m gonna very me please ! every day i wash the mouth of my dog from shits and smell alot.she is 6 months old now.thank you !

Rainbow Fun Facts says:

nice,i am sad because i dont have a dog i begged and begged my mom but still no

Jennie Elizabeth Piccarreta says:

this is dumb because they won't just do exactly what we want on the first try so it would be helpful if she would give tips for when they just sit there and stare at it

Diëlla Kosters says:

my dog doesit onley if he can hold me… i dont think he has balance ..

JamVSpeanutbutter says:

I can't even get my Chihuahua to sit XD ;-; I need help teaching her. I always give up after 1 hour because SHE DOES NOTHING BUT EAT THE TREAT

cory overholt says:

you morons expecting your dog to grasp these ideas in 5 minutes really are dumber than cows it takes practice patience and kindness do it a few times a day here and there eventually it will start to click in there head praise them when they do it right

aj lecroy says:

Is it still ok if my dog jumps when I put the treat above her head like in the first step????

Jon says:

Hehe, gave up trying a looong time ago

Sophia says:

I'm watching in 2012 ;). Im going to teach this to my dog, he's in agility 🙂

alijee logan says:

no problem anytime 😀

Margarida Nunes says:

I tried to teach this trick , what my dog learn? to stay up on the 2 back legs , luckily I change the "command" name 🙂 and I have been going crazy to teaching this one. I'm trying using a wall 🙂 thank I love your videos

Ashley Sylva says:

Thanks! My dog knows how to try and open my hand and give me high fives now also!(: You helped out a lot (:

SoapCleansesThe Soul says:

thumbs up if you are watching in 2012 😀

alijee logan says:

dogs learn different way try, what i did is i look at her through out the day and sees what she plays with and i make a game out of what she plays with, its just she can be stubborn and lazy sometimes. Try to play with things she likes playing with and play with her see what she does and change it to a trick.

alijee logan says:

OMG!!! when i do this she just looks up at the treat, shes so lazy, what do i do that can make her put more effort into sitting pretty?

Ashley Sylva says:

So I taught my dog to lay down on command. The only problem is when I try to teach her a different trick, she lays down for the treat in my hand. I've tried the rollover trick, play dead trick, and sit pretty. She just lays down. And now when she wants something that you have in your hand (Like a stuffed animal, or food, etc.), she just lays down at your feet looking at you. I want to teach her more tricks but she won't learn them..What should I do about this?

Jessicaxwasxhere says:

what should I do** sorry:P

Jessicaxwasxhere says:

I have a Yorkie, and she'll do it if I stick my hand out near her head, but she rests her paws on my hand (I use the same signal as you) and if I pull my hand further up, she assumes its the cue for "dance" and she'll dance.. Even though the cue for dance is snapping my fingers.. What should I should?

Kiara Waits says:

I put it over his head but he backs up and stares at it lol. 😛

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