Dachshund Fire Drill – Part 2 – ALTERNATE VERSION

Via http://celebritydachshund.com and http://vine.co/crusoe – Crusoe and his brother Oakley the dachshunds have an alternate take on their barbecue fire drill.


Jen Dagesse says:

they are so cute!

Ara ! says:

Que bonis! 💕

Scootie007 says:

Very cute, I want a fire truck for my dog now. 🙂

mrmadmike427 says:

where did u get the RAMP  from i need a couple for my mini  Thanks.

Get2theChopperWalrus says:

I have not laughed so hard at a doggy video for ages so thanks!

Shamanka SiriusToSiberia says:

Someone said they were gonna hold a weenie roast…

Annie Y says:

hehehehe!:):):) too cuuuute!

timewiser 2004 says:

Lol so cute I love the end can't fit

49ldavis says:

This is just too cute!

shamu world says:

I have a dachshund just like crusoe!!

Wendy Forgen says:

Funny no matter what version!

Xeno Morph says:

Move aside! When did people become so discourteous?! When you see a fire truck, you give it room to move to get to the accident!

judithapoulos says:

This was laugh out loud funny!!

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