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Unlimited Evolution says:

yeah very funny very good come to see my shih tzu fail

Ashley Green says:

What did Ding Ding trip over anyway?

joemikey00 says:

crash and burn.

Brett Joslin says:

He's a Dude

MacKenzie Lorenz says:

i have a shih tzu too c:

thatjillyrose says:

you're so lucky that you caught that on camera 🙂

Candace Winn says:

"Look at him run!!" … Spoke too soon lol! Too cute!

itsEmily says:

is dingding a boy or a girl?

Austin loves borretos Yes and dogs says:

Hahahahhahahahahha I have a yorkie mixed shih tzi at least the dog got back up and went to go get it right but ya I love small dogs

MovieMouse says:

Poor Dingers!!

Hulk Hogan says:

Lots of dogs there were 5 dogs 3 black ding ding and another white doggy

Sasha Steel says:

lol i have to hit replay over and over lol SIDE ACHE LOL

lilphee53 says:

LOL my Shih Tzu did that before quite a few times…..he also managed to step on his own tail and looked at me like it was my fault LOL

KiriBoo Moo says:


Carol Renna says:

Awwww poor pup! Too cute!

markthebossmcquillan says:

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Mystery 001001 says:

OH LORD LOL my dog did that once, only, he was doing a sharp turn lol i love how kates just dieing

Cecilia L. says:

Poor puppy:(. But still funny lol

RedLadyBug says:

Pmsl poor guy

Valheru Sylvan says:

omg that was so funny and adorable XD

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