Dogs annoying babies – Funny baby and dog compilation

Dogs can be really good friends with babies, but sometimes they can really annoy them.
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KULDEEP Singh says:

i like dogs

Belinda Astle says:

near the end that women pulled the dog by the neck bitch die and go to hell 😠

George Shepherd says:

I used to think these videos were cute but now I can't stand to watch them. I feel like babies shouldnt be allowed to pull at their tails or their faces or to get on top of dogs or cats. Parents are idiots for filming this stuff and thinking it's funny. Animals are unpredictable and so are babies. The baby could really injure the dog and, even though I am not a fan of animals and would not want to own one, I think that would be tragic.

Adam Palmer says:

b rise is dumb

priyadarshini3sharma says:

Babies are so annoying when they cry

Max Proulx says:

1:30 omg i want a dog that is cute like this i mean he has feeling

LPS Kessy girls says:

in time 03:01 the women is ugly with the dog
im not english sorry

Gabriel Sieradzki says:

bad parents only two of them decided to give a crap

Scarlet stells says:

the first one was so funny when the baby fall and the others to

Windows Exploration says:

I like dogs when they annoys babies

witchiceprincess says:

why are the parents allowing the dogs to behave that way towards their children, I wouldn't let my child pull the dogs tail etc, and the same goes for the dogs treating the  babies this way, respect and care should be shown on both sides.

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