Pigs Are Awesome: Compilation

This week we pay tribute to pigs of all kinds: cute pigs, fat bigs, lazy pigs, silly pigs! Which pig is your favorite?!


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1987MartinT says:

Can we just agree right now that pigs are awesome?

What happened to all the butterflies? says:

I wonder what that thing taste like billy – white people

Kurtis and Hurdle says:

Do pigs like bacon?

darkandrotten17 says:

They are breeeeeeeally awesome!!!!!!

The Ironmonkey says:

I want a pig

Guy Stinky says:

I'm so getting a pig when I grow up

Bluetain says:

Ha ha
Where's my pork burger

Derpy Unicorn says:

It all started when I split my pants

Pedo Bear says:

00:20 You know that pig just wants to see her sexy ass with her pants down. I would do same thing.

HarrLable says:

Some of these clips are stupid people being mean to pigs…

Jasianna Sherman says:

when you heard people in China or Korea eating dogs: eww, that's so cruel.

But does it means pigs are ok to be eaten?
eating dogs and eating pigs are the same thing. They are all animals and supposed to be human's friends not food.

Animal Rights says:

hi. i just wanted to recommend you the vegetarian (or vegan) diet. It is  the ultimate diet for your health,  animals and the planet. If you are obese or overweight it will also help you lose weight fast. You can save hundreds of animals lives and save them from horrible treatment in so called factory farms. Pigs probably has it the worst of all farm animals that are raised for food.  Living vegetarian for dummies  by suzane havalla hobbs should get you to a good start. thanks

Sangwan Phasomwong says:

No pig for me they should be at the farm not in the house and try to eat like human.

Hugo von braunschweig says:

1:45: Now I've seen it all.

Mel Toretto says:

Let's Make our World a Better Place…                                                            EARTHLINGS — Documentary

GlobalWatch says:

pig eating bacon

Vegan Animall says:

I love pigs! They are amazing

jimin yoongi lover says:

That video where the pig was laying on the couch was a recording of me that my mother has been shooting to show everyone how my lazy ass really looks like.

Lonesome Queen says:

that kangaroo is a troll

Harley Jade says:

aww so cute

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