Funny Cats Meeting Cute Baby Animals Compilation [CUTE]

Check out these funny cat videos of cats meeting cute baby animals for the first time. Cat meets baby animal in this cute videos and funny videos compilation.

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Cinderspark9 says:

This video was so stressful…

Nicole Newsome says:

And the little baby pig one is very cute

Nicole Newsome says:

And to the owner of the second to last video clean up your damn place its not a healthy environment to the cat

Nicole Newsome says:

When a cat bats at anything or paws at anything its their predatory nature. Therefor these cats are probably seeing these other tiny animals as possibly prey.

ain aisha with they friends floradia production says:


Funny Videos Cafe says:

awwww lovely

Maximiliano Teyes says:

And funny 😊

Loki HatesU says:

piggy, did you know that I love sausage and bacon? 😀 better run………

Sakonema says:

All the clips were shortened to remove the bloodshed that ensued.


awww so cute what is that is that a mouse

Todd Bennett says:

So oejuuehr8i

Tristan Beaman says:

Why don't the cats have the instinct to kill the animals? I don't mean this in a morbid sense, if my cat were to see a tiny little hamster/gerbil he would immediately pounce on it and try to kill it.

Mystic Lee says:


Classixish says:

looks so annoyed at 4:33

brody toaper says:

"Leave, owner, so I can eat this delicious mouse/bird thing!"

ubbe R says:

awesome vids. thx guys. 🙂

RSDDiary says:

Wow. Very funny. I am also going to start sharing some video like this on my channel too.

Tammy Pace says:

Lol😂😂😂😂😂So funny.

Anastassio Balcorta says:

Some of my cute pets that met for the first time mauled each other to death.

ゆみこ ゆみこ says:


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