DOGS really know how to make us LAUGH – The BEST DOG videos!

Dogs are so smart, cute and funny! They really know how to make us laugh! How many seconds of this video can you watch without laughing? Just look how all these dogs and play, get along with cats, babies, how they fail, make funny sounds,… So funny, ridiculous and cute! What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Ashley Hicks says:

At 5:46, is that a puppy or a piglet??

Ashley Hicks says:

Ugh.. wish ppl would stop putting collars on flat faced dogs, they can NOT breathe that way… an the dog with a choke chain and shock collar, why? Just why?? There are more HUMANE ways to stop a dog from pulling and barking.. plus, both were on a flat faced dog…. before anyone thinks I'm "trolling", educate yourself on the dangers of flat faced dogs and collars and dogs who wear shock collars and choke collars in general. Chokes can endanger the larynx, windpipe, make them go limp in the back legs, make it difficult for them to breathe properly, destroy the trachea, and shocks can make the dog afraid of everything, and more aggressive due to the dog getting sick of constantly being shocked. Look up "Redirected Aggression". It leads a dog to the shelter due to the owner not being able to control the dog's aggression, & the dog just getting worse….

Myra Chestnutt says:

even on his little head he didn't give up lol

Myra Chestnutt says:

when you see a baby sharing a suckered with the dog, then you know that dog is a real family dog lol sweet

Myra Chestnutt says:

I once owned a lab very sweet and loyal some one else must have thought so to.

Myra Chestnutt says:

poor little ponies they either have a over sized man trying to ride them or pestered by something. they are cute but they need to be treated with care and love

Joselle M. says:

That dog is hitting on a pony😂😂

TroubleLee20 says:

so funny…love it!

Raphael Beer says:

That's not funny. That's purposely bred animal cruelty.

KittenCat510 Gaming says:

The pugs are the ones that always get me 😂

Tiffany Hayes says:

I died.

Mr. Butnotforlong says:

anybody know what that first dog wrote?

Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth says:

0:40 A hybrid between a dog and a pony must be beautiful

Sue Banks says:

funny and cute,dogs are awesome

Johanna Kidd says:

Bludy funny ones, thanks for the l;augh

Ron Goodin says:

Warning..cute overdose.

Dolphinz TV says:

That dog was taking over that woman's face 1:48 XD

Kosaku Aizawa says:

I gave up after 17 seconds. FYI: dont have a drink while watching this, You'll spill your tablet 😀

CommanderNuts says:

The last dog was hilarious! That's a four legged digging machine 😉

Katharina Wetzig says:

XD we have one of those plastic cats too XD

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