YIKES! Quilled by a Porcupine!

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Coyote Peterson is no stranger to pain but can anything really prepare him for being quilled by North America’s most notorious spike covered mammal? Well you’re about to find out! In this educational episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote will muster up the courage to show you exactly what to do if you or your pet ever get “spiked” by a porcupine; and it may surprise you to learn that there’s actually a very simple trick when removing the quills that can save you some serious agony.

If you thought we put you on the edge of your seat before, get ready for this encounter…it’s nail, or should we say…“quill” biting!

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they explore a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America!

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VinzyHighlights says:

Its just like Acupuncture

Steve Boateng says:

This guy is retarded he wants to get killed

Raegan Boyd says:

Well if it hurts you've had It for a long time dude

Jazmine Hernandez says:

I feel super sorry for you

Claudia Corona says:

thanks for information

Claudia Corona says:

sooooo cute !

gonnaplaygames m1n3craf7l0v3r says:

how does this guy still have any blood in his body (that is not an insult btw)

Bethany Brzykcy says:

I dare him to get bitten by a parakeet🐤

Ismail Abshir says:

my name is coyote Peterson and I'm going to jump in a shark tank wearing meat outfit

Ismail Abshir says:

what's the largest rodents?

waga mama says:

this guy's balls are made of titanium

DaGaminBOSS says:

im coyote peterson and im abot to talk back to my mom hope i live

reptiles and fish says:

My name is coyote peterson and im about to enter the bite zone with a tiger

Fast Break 386 says:

dude I love your videos but I have to admit that you are a Savage

Panda Boy says:

Hey look it's ash the porcupine!!!

Noah Stankiewicz says:

Why is this so satisfying

AdamDaBoss 7809 says:

#Cringe level over 9000

Kristan Elliott says:

You are absolutely crazyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Nurnahar Kashem says:

He makes it look so easy!!!😫😫😫

Camila Vasquez says:

Why do animals HAVE to be so damn cute but so freaking dangerous!

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