Useless Dog Trick: Play The Trumpet


Eggert Nielson says:

Useless is a funny way of saying groundbreaking锘

Trish Norem says:

Very funny锘

TehJimlad says:

Good boy.锘

Joshua Salazar says:

Don't do what the Break Editor asshole is trying to get you to do. They work for Funniest Home Videos, they want to take the rights to this video in exchange for the "chance" to win money. It is a minuscule chance.锘

Break Editor says:

Please check your message inbox

FrigidMelodies says:

HAHAHA i like how he bites the trumpet锘

N0ClF says:

It's not a cat锘

DMLocrian says:

How does this not have a million hits already?锘

queenie71 says:

Now that ladies and gentlemen is raw talent!锘

Charlie the Beagle and Laura Olivia says:

did the right thing.

Jorge Bengochea says:

Great!!!! 锘

MG Lucero says:

aaaaaawwwwww how cute!!锘

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