Easy Dog Trick – BETWEEN

Teach your dog or puppy this easy trick in just 2 steps.

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DalisandBooks says:

I actually taught my dog this except the cue was "Get back". Now he'll get between my legs whenever he's scared or nervous. He'll bark at stranger who come up to us from there. I guess it's his safe spot.

Aranyanii says:

Does this mean something to the dog? I mean, does the dog felt being protected if he's between your legs? Or is this a type of dominance over the dog? Or nothing, you just want him to be placed between your legs?

PetInfo4You says:

I say peek a boo! As my cue 🙌❤️
It makes for an amazing reaction 

Kelsey Wilson says:

+Kristin Crestejo I absolutely love your videos! Question – where could I find the treat pouch that you use?

anet50 says:

Good trick, really learns quickly :-)

코치독이종열 says:

Hi !
I lived in Korea as a agility trainer. I'm watching your video well. It takes times to make it.
Keep going. Thank you.

I.N.K says:

Hi, I'm about to get a border collie. 
Was wondering if I should get him or her spayed or neutered? whats your opinion? 

Maddie the staffy says:

oh my gosh I am one of your biggest fans and I have been waiting for you to make a video espescally because now there going to be starring your cute pup mookie aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Treasons Beta says:

My dog learned it in under 10 min. Thanks :)

SpeLinnea says:

Nice! ♥ I have a smaller dog, I think I'll use a target stick. Thanks for this tut!

Terry Parrell says:

I called it "Line up!" for Agility. 

Comment Baiter says:

Nice video :)

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