Cute Vine – My son’s adorable reaction to puppy kisses


Alissa M says:

Omg 😍

Doo Rag Johnson says:

Really nice

Laura G says:

Precious ….


Good stuff .. PJ.. you only get these special moments before they are all grown up..ENJOY..

CrisVangel1958 says:

He has an open mind already,.

nenazpuppy says:

That is so cute & your son is adorable.

Alex Batey says:

Cute! Leave him your records in your will.

13loomisst says:

Thanks for sharing, PJ.

ildibildi53 says:

Very sweet ….:-))) Take care of him

Josue Perez says:

thats cute man

PS109VanBurenHigh says:

Love it.

Ches73 says:

my wife said you're kid is adorable

Edward Lemanski says:


David Mac Donald says:

He'll be spinning the wax before you know it!

Cynthia's Channel says:

What a doll baby…. He is adorable indeed….

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