Babies annoying cats – Funny baby & cat compilation

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Really annoying babbies and poor cats 😀
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Juvelyn Tangapa says:

irresponsible parents

Sanjna Mathur says:

very nice video

the Chipmunks i love u says:

cats are so cute
I can't say cutest cause NIALL HORAN is even more cuter then them

Raegan Vereen says:

first one:
Asian baby tries eating cats tail! 😂

I don't care it this is offensive

Rani Durayla says:

cute video clip

Harender Singh Chauhan says:

Wow amazing.

vvenky venky says:


Princess NP says:

cat + baby = everything

Murry 0297 says:

Hilarious 😂

Pranab Pattnaik says:

so funny video

abhishek kumar anand says:

very funny

Ravi Sonu says:

i love cat

hina khan says:

soon cute baby

Shaikh Uccho says:

so cute😘

Jöülnär Äm Äljöj says:


Al S says:

stupid parents, poor kids n fur kids,….and again thick parents.

Marjan Akon says:

very n.s

TBAREK توتة توتة says:

يمة فداوي الكم

Hi Rajash Rajash says:

cute cat

Sandip Gunjal says:

स्व म

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