When Dogs ATTACK! With Love.

When you have as many dogs as we do, a dog bed takes on a whole new meaning. We have 4 human beds in our house with only 2 humans. Can you say spoiled? All of our dogs eat ReelRaw. reelrawdog.com


Golden Retriever says:

My dog attacks everyone who visits my house with love

She's killed like twelve people with love already

TattedSweetheart says:

we have three dogs two pits, and a french bulldog but I think we need to get them a mattress of their own 

zalla00 says:

wow that's alot of pitbulls. Awesome

Katie says:

Awh! so cute! Pitbulls are the best! :)

alissaz3 says:

@dsbuchalter Ha! Totally! Good call, my friend.

dsbuchalter says:

love it! like the get along gang (the old school one)

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