10 Funny German Shepherd Videos #2



Set Me On Fire (feat. Ashley Jana) by David Amber
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Rieley Slocum says:

6:30 my German Shepard does that.

James C says:

Absolutely love the compilation. Without a doubt THE most intelligent, cunning even.. but protective dog breed you could ever wish to live with. So long as they are brought up and raised properly from pups. I will never go out and get another Shepherd, as it would be like trying to replace a lost brother or sister. Leo was very much a part of my family, and was broken when we lost him. But I secretly envy some of these awesome clips that show both appreciation from both the dog and owners point of view and that reveal how awesome this breed really is. I probably sound like a nut case, but only someone that has been brought up with these awesome creatures will understand. Well done ;)

Robin Poulton says:

just love German Shepherds

Tanush Pujar says:

man! they are so cute and cool and …..you know

Kayla Briden says:

i liked the one with the shepered and the video howling at it Lol :P

greg77389 says:

You shouldn't let your dog play with sprayers or hoses like that… What if the water contains Naegleria fowleri and it goes up the dog's nose? You will have a dead dog within weeks. Same thing with humans, do not let your toddlers play with the hose…

Ginelle Day says:

loved them all. I subscribed too. They were so cute.

Jesse says:

GSD Love

CutePidgeot says:

It's so cute!! 😍😍😍😍😍

rc world says:

I subscribe so cute

Student: Hussein Ali says:

I love this video because am getting a germ n shepherd XD and wen I get him I might show him on YouTube so just watch my videos and then u will see my dog

Kim Mckerrow says:

At 3:05 why are some dogs in that cage?

Ryan Lisiecki says:

Love the video

Lindsay Ann Rana says:

German Sheperds are so Sweet <3 ^_^

Tim Roblox & MORE! says:

Well…That Was Creepy at 0:48

Katelyn says:

I've been wanting one since I was a teenager and since we had to get rid of our first GSD when I was younger. (he had heartworms) Now I'm 21 and I might get one when my family moves into a bigger house, my brother's girlfriend says she knows someone who has GSD's who are expecting puppies in the spring, and they'll give us one for free. they'll do all of the heartwarm shots and everything. :)

Caroline Wolf says:

All the German Shepard vids were my fav! I love German Shepards. They are so smart and adorable! :3

deveon fred magallanes says:

I love dogs ❤️ i subscribed

Fangurl Friday says:

I love how they make out how they're deaf when they have to go home lol, or whine about it.

craig barka says:

Guilty dogs are hilarious!! I have a very similar looking dog. Go to my channel to see it.

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