Just Jumpy the dog

Jumpy doing what he knows best..Enjoy and share… THANKS
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EDH 1970 says:

LOL go pee on mommy

TurnMeOFF says:

I'm watching in a valley of violence. Had to find jumpy to put my mind at rest!

EVA Zhikhareva says:

Хорошенькая собачка. Я знаю что вы меня не понимаете , но это было круто!

Jana Koulová says:

super pes

Als Amaro says:

i'm waiting for the dog to talk

ChanBruh says:

If anyone else has seen lab rats from disney, this is odis from season 4! The bionic dog episode!

Steve H says:

I love border collies. Totally Awesome. Great job.

jdmegfan says:

He is awesome

Tanaya Day says:

start a musically with jumpy he'd get millions of hearts

Uros Bukovec says:

I hawe canary once. Smart as this dog. Not yust that he fly outside house , go eweriwere i told him on my finger, head , go inside , he was like a dog in the house. And he sing wery beautiful . He was like a smart dog. When someone came to house he started to scriming not singing like canary. He iwen eat with us. We hawe to gawe him food near us on the tabel and he came to eat, but he hawe his own food oll the time. He was so smart, but he was drunker olso hahaha. He was drunk many times. My grandfather drink wine and he hawe his glas on the tabel of course, so he yump on glas with a wine and he drink wine. After this he was olways drunk, he fly like drunk canary hahaha left -right, up , down so funy and when he was drunk he sing like DRUNK CANARY hahaha. Then we told grandfather that he must hide wine and not put glas on the tabel becouse of him. Then he was sead hehehe becouse he couldnt fined wine any more, yus sometimes . He done manithing else, i yust told him to sing and he started to sing beautiful canary song.  My drunk canary.

janka mrkvičková says:

cirkusový tréning? to už nie je ani normálne – mali by psa nechať psom a nie z neho robiť atrakciu.

Brent Wittig says:

I really hope that the movie In The Valley Of Violence makes Jumpy famous

Mikaachu says:

did that dog backflip or am i dremin?

Chris R says:

omgoodness!!! What an awesome dog!!!

Mr man Butt says:


TanyaJ says:


Rick Griminger says:

too cool!

Crazycrow 04 says:

What type of dog is jumpy

BlenderLager says:

"cure cancer!"
*few days later
"good boy!"

Meorrie Grace says:

did he say good wink

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