Dash – First Papillon TDCH (Trick Dog Champion)

Our video submission for the title of “Trick Dog Champion” from Do More with Your Dog. This is Kyra Sundance’s organization that issues trick titles based on witness testimony and video proof of trick performance standards. Dash’s video was approved and his TDCH was granted on 3/28/2012 by Kyra Sundance, author of many trick dog books, some published in 15 languages.

Dash is the 35th TDCH ever, the 3rd-youngest (13 months old), and the first Papillon TDCH.

Dash has been trained at home using clicker training, a positive-reinforcement based training method.


Diana Squicciarini says:

Hello!!!Hope Dash is fine and still performing…Being the first TDCH papillon must have been quite a thrill.
I love Dash's video…love him…his tricks are fun and interesting.
Love From second papillon TDCH Medlee's Ruby Slippers(Glinda)

SarcasticPikachu Gaming says:

What should I do with my papillons I have 2

Danielle Commerford says:

what an amazing little boy~! I have a papillon mix

SuperTikoko says:

Awesome! No other word!

Andrea Cronin says:

I have a papillon he's 1 and called ollie they are the cutest and most inelegant dogs ull ever meet aka he's a boy ..ollie lol

Sharon Yildiz says:

Dash is now an amateur circus dog and has performed for as many as 1,500 people. See his new blog at circus (dot) dog. No www's or com's needed.

SuzysPaps says:

Congrats on your Pap's many accomplishments, Papillons are just the best! I have 4 & one in particular, Dillon (you can see him under Dillon Moonwalk on youtube  ) is my worker/trickster. He's now retired from agility after getting his MACH3. They are just the very best!

Aphrodite Nikols says:

weird thing,my pomeranian does the hiding-finding thing really really well but i never taught him to do it!one day i just decided to trick him and hide something and tell him to find it,and he just ran around looking everywhere like dash until he found it 🙂 he has a huge problem on "come here" though

1991rabbi says:

is it just a papillon?

Sharon Yildiz says:

I thought I'd let Dash's fans know that he has continued to do very well in sports, all positively trained with food and toys. He is 3 years old and competes in obedience, rally, and agility. In the past two weekends, he got the following scores: 100/100 twice in rally; 194/200 and 196/200 in Open (intermediate) obedience; 100/100 four times in Masters agility. He is quite the little perfectionist. You can see his work ethic was apparent even at the young age he was in this video.

ThienAn Nguyen says:

I just watched and stared in awe
i have a papillon myself and i just looked at him and said "we need to teach you all of these tricks although you can barely drop a ball on command." 
haha 😛
and awesome job on teaching your dog!!

lily bai says:

His bark is so adorable.

Sara I says:

Hi, So cute!
I just adopted a 3 1/2 female Papillon and she always runs away when I stand up or try to touch her. I've only had her for 2 days how can I help her feel more at ease?

Fleur Rvt says:

Bravo ! He is so cute 😉 You did a great job !

we3nmke says:

Very Nice.  And the go out around all the furniture was more challenging than other go outs that I have seen.  And I was really impressed with finding the keys.  Little Dash had to really work for that one.  Congratulations on his title.  Well earned.

George Massoud says:

Unbelievable! I have a papillon, she looks just like him. Can't do that though, I can't believe you taught him that and he's only 13 months. 

Jennifer Varnum says:


Kayleasreborns says:

Notice she never actually pets the dog

Lorretta Lewis says:

omg he is gorgeous and so so clever too.!!! Good Job Dash.!!! x

MsBorderCollieLover says:

Wow, wonderful behaviors, Amazing work. Who says Pallions aren't smart. Love it!

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