Wiener Dogs Video Compilation 2017

From a wiener dog being best friends with a labrador retriever, dachshund puppies playing with their reflection, to puppies chasing each other around the room, these are just a few of the cute dogs you’ll find in this wiener dogs video compilation.

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CAngel57ful says:

I love wiener dogs!

Brenda Isaak says:

The Weenie dog scratching on the bed is trying to get warm. At least that's what mine does.

Pathippy 56 says:

That is so cute. No animals under any stress.

Joan Ellis says:

So sweet…

Nula Luna says:

dogs are angels on earth! ☻♥

KailaTheCovertOne says:

Goodness they're so adorable

S!cko says:


Shamicsha Lamb says:

The dog with no front legs adorable the cutest

Amanda Barnes says:

I had my 12 years he barks a lot and has back and nose problems I love him tho

Karma3203 says:

Poor doggy at the end. He's got his wheels though. Good for him!

toy bonnie says:

i just luv weiner dogs.🐕🐕🐶❤❤💋

shellz rahman says:

In the cat one the cat was like just lie the hell down man!

NetSurfingNightOwl says:

they are very cute but I would never buy one, simply because the proportions of these dogs are very unhealthy and a lot of them suffer because of this.

Captain FuzzyPants says:


faneczka Miraculous says:


Sarah Barton says:

I so want one of these dogs

AceDetective2 says:

I'm drowning in cuteness.

Konitha Udomsay says:


jayfurjill says:

omg the cat and the dog together cuteness overload!!!


LOL, funniest thing ever, I was watching this vid in bed while my husband is sleeping beside me. Our big about 60kg + Rhodesian Ridgeback Labrador mix was sleeping beside us and heard the puppies barking so let out a huge loud bark and my husband got such a fright he almost fell out of bed. LOL.

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