TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Funny dog compilation

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“Quirky Dog” “Double Polka” “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Mishell Cornell says:

nah dont like babies around dogs

Tengericsillag says:

I lost at the puppy hitting the keyboard 😁 They are so cute, dumb and funny. But I hate watching that a dog's licking a human face, mouth or water glass.. Just no. 😷

Kati OBrien says:

I remained stoic until the baby eating the dog's nose!

brian williams says:

what a good dog with that baby

robert brooks says:

5:31 – i can see reason for the hesitation. people shouldn't let their dog jump out of the car by itself when the leash isn't held by the owner unless you want it to trip on the way down again.

chester burtt says:

god its funny but ITS RETARDED AND NOT CUTE

zaax says:

Please do not show vertical videos becuase as humans, we see the world as a horizontal panorama. Most of us have binocular sight: two eyes, side-by-side, gathering light from a wide field of view. Accordingly, it only makes sense that human visual media favors horizontal display.

Vertical videos might look okay on a phone screen, but they look absolutely ridiculous everywhere else.

dekatch says:

i had to rewind 8:40 a couple of times, this made me so laugh, the dogs look lol xdddddddd

RunningHorses4949 says:

That kid squeezing the dogs face… I wish the dog bit HIS face off

PenguinFreak Linguini (Hamsterz) says:

I like how only the beautiful clean white dogs roll in the mud

Gilead Seven says:

I really HATE the blurred margins

Suzana Stefanović says:

It's really funny 😁

aleksandra gojic says:


Paul James says:

OMG,thats so cute,im so miss my lycra

Asta453 says:

Funny how in all of the videos except one there's at least one Lab. :D

caveman Versace says:

1:01– I have to admit. That's an impressive piece of technology.

lavina dowling says:

I love my lab and trust her,,, any body who has one ,, knows ,,, real love and laugh at least once a day

Ted Dow says:


Frank Coleman says:

amusing not at all funny

Brozics Inventing Channel says:

Ok he first one was cruel.

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