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View our Smart Dog Facts video and find out everything you need to know in one Smart Dog Facts video. A single video crammed full of facts on this dog breed.

Smart Dog Facts – Australian Cattle Dog Made it into our top ten smartest dogs breed video – The Australian Cattle Dogs are not only popular within Australia. They usually grow up to 50 lbs. and are well known for their intelligence. You can easily train the Australian Cattle Dogs according to the way you want. As a result of their intelligence and easy to train, these dogs are being used when working with cattle. (Hence their name Cattle Dog). You can also train these dogs to be aggressive, however, they will not show any aggressive behavior towards the owner. The Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely active and they are known as multitasking.

Smart Dog Facts – Without doubt the Papillon deserved a position in our smartest dog breeds list – The Papillon can be considered as one of the smartest and cutest dog breeds that you can find. Small brains come in small packages and Papillons are a perfect example to prove this. These dogs can weigh up to 11 lbs. but the average weight is around 6 lbs. They have been a symbol of elegance because of the charming behavior. Papillons have also been identified as excellent watch dogs, that’s because they have a very keen sense of the sounds in their surroundings.

Smart Dog Facts – Where would our smartest dog breeds list be without the Poodle – You might feel surprised to see the Poodle in our list of smartest dog breeds. These dogs are curly, fluffy and in most cases have a white coat. They have a very good level of intelligence and can easily be trained within a short period of time. Even though you will not have seen it, Poodles were and in some still are being used as hunting dogs but in most cases in today world they are mainly pets but in some parts of the world they are rescue dogs and watch dogs. You will find that Poodle dogs in various sizes. This dog breed prefers to move around with people and can be very protective.

Smart Dog Facts – Where would our smartest dog breeds list be without the famous Shetland Sheepdog (remember lassie!) – Shetland Sheepdog is not as popular a dog breed as it once was, but they are very intelligent and that’s why they make it into our smartest dog breeds video. Some Shetland Sheepdog owners feel that this breed has the intelligence of a human (remember we said owners think this). These dogs originated in Scotland and now you can find them in all the parts of the world. They do not look rough and ready dog breed because of the two layered coat that is full of fur. However, these dogs were originally being used to herd sheep.

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