Rajapalayam – Smart dog

A video of training my dog to pick up various things. The second part is trying to see if she can understand two actions on the same squeaky toy. This is the first time I have every tried this with her and she caught on pretty quick


vivin richard says:

Sir.. Nee ga enna sapuda kudukiringa training appo ?! 

sandeep s says:

nice dog
please give me details to get a kci registrede one

Shiv Kumar says:

awe! so cute dog.. very smart..

Jathin Kaithavalappil says:

sir? can you provide a rajapalayam puppy at mumbai? please!

Rahul Majumdar says:

awesome sir
plse make the world know about our indian breeds……
I think they r jst excellent. …..

Awesome Videos says:

nice dog, so cute :)

Hari Krishnan Thiruvalli Venugopalan says:

Very good athangudi tiles laying… real skills man job. Can you please share the contact details.. and details of the guy who actually laid it

axxymax says:

Man you have got a smart dog. 

Sairahul Balamurugan says:

Hi I need a rajapalayam pup on April 2013 .contact no plz

Suraj Sunny says:

awesome man u r dog is so beautiful and intelligent.

chica476 says:

It's no wonder why these dogs were choice for Tamil Royalty – they are such beautiful animals.

don4every1 says:

why dont you compare a great dane and a pug, how can you compare rajpalyam to other dogs, they are entirely different breeds with different way of growing

don4every1 says:

all well wonderful dog but hate the dame TV!

shashi kanth says:

how to choose a pure breed of rajapalayam pls reply

Anand R says:

rajapalyam is really intelligent.

Raja ram says:

Dear friend where r u in tamil nadu? i am going to adopt a puppy. which dog breed is better? doberman or german shepherd or rajapalayam puppy? please tell me the feeding details per day?

bad man says:

i like to buy a rajapalyam dog ,this the best dog in the world .

M T says:

Well done! Bommi is such a clever girl. 

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