Birth of Twin Tiger Cubs – Tigers About The House – BBC

Giles Clark has to stand by as a mother Tiger gives birth to her first born but will he need to step in before the cub breathes it’s first breath? Taken from Tigers About The House.

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Phoebe Gradert says:

the second one was so funny

Camila Zuniga-Mejia says:

I'm supposed to be doing homework right now

Skyflyer44 says:


Blaze Komori says:


THE SONIC FAN 4467 says:

What is that wrapped around that baby tiger?

Jeremiah Rodriguez says:

My 3 yr old son Jeremiah and I just watched it! Thx for sharing

Hiba Sobh says:

When those tiger cubs first made a noise my heart melted 😍

Sarah Harris says:

I started crying

Toasty Volvo says:

We cub one came out so fast I'd name him Rocket. Second one pulled himself out. He's strong too! I hope they've grown into beautiful tigers.

Lucielli Aparecida Bihl says:

Cute 😍🐯

shazza says:


Rajib Babu says:

save the tiger

sophie-#-alen shane says:


Δαναη Μεθενιτη says:

So pretty 😍😻

Kona the Cat says:

Seeing a big cat birth is one thing I want to see before I die.

lolcraygirl says:

This is not disgusting it's beautiful and it's part of the lifestyle in this world 🌎 so be happy 😊 for this for, many of the tiger 🐯 are getting hunted and loses in their habitat in the wild. Be grateful.

lolcraygirl says:

So beautiful 😍 how animals life circle is when the baby gets to be born and creates a new life in the world 🌎. Awww so cute how is the baby cub makes the noise, I'm so in love with 😍 animals including their life circle so in ❤️

Yari V says:

well that was faster than I though o:

Melanie's biggest baby says:

the cub sounds like an actual baby

Janessa Seward says:

awwwww o my goodness that is so amazing and cute

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