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In this amusing and entertaining clip from the BBC’s Life of Mammals, David Attenborough looks at the life of a sloth. The sloth has adapted to the lack of nutrition in its diet of leaves by hanging around not doing very much at all. We even get to see one moving at high speed! Watch more high quality videos on the BBC Earth YouTube channel here: and visit for all the latest natural history exclusives and fantastic new wildlife videos.


Swishy Fishy says:

yea this sloth is on weed

the lounge says:

did he just call it a sloath?

Azrael says:

Sloths. Do we need em? – Karl Pilkington

Fettster says:

Only once a week? Must be constipated.

Chelsea WhoCare says:


GGBABE says:

that sloth is so cute ♡

Adel Ali says:

the move slowly becouse they don't have to whisk an agge for breakfast omelet 😈

taco universe says:

the sloth comes to the ground to pee and poop.

Amanda Briggs says:

we. love you

vijayakumar Solaiselvam says:

I am actually living a sloth life.. the only work i do is watching this…. thanks to see u mate…

eric cashews says:

suuuuuh duuude

s l o t h e d i t s says:

im jealous of this man

Lordious says:

That insult to vegans XD

Yon Ki says:

a message for vegans

Dylan Staley says:

I wonder what this video would be like if Morgan Freeman narrated it.

jia hao says:

anyone know how fast can a sloth penetrate ??

SlothFreak says:

They can only survive on leaves. Vegetables are too soft for their teeth, the leaves help wear them down so they don't injure the inside of their mouths, plus tight spaces can cause stress and can make mother Sloths eat their children out of it. I actually think vegetables allow their nails to grow to long and since their nails are curved inwards it causes damage to the palms of their hands.

ZombieX13 says:

Sloths are annoying. They remind me of bad drivers.

White Knight says:

kill me please

gantin strike says:

The sloth, the hellan Keller of nature.

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