Amazing Crabs Shell Exchange – Life Story – BBC

As a hermit crab grows its shell becomes a tighter fit so eventually the crabs need to move into a bigger one, leading to an amazing exchange. Taken from Life Story.

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Manly Iron says:

I just love the last hermit crab
"Heckin heck damn shell-line cutters"

callmeusagi-chan ㅇㅅㅇ says:

I kept glancing at my hermit crab while watching this to find that he's staring at me intensly

Teostratos L says:

the live cycle of a Hermitaur before it searches for Monster skulls as Shell

Kaelin Hall says:

i played Shiny to this and it was a fulfilling experience

Jamesie Walters says:

Wow. A respectable temporary community. Impressive!

G-Town Crew (GTC) says:

1,000 comment right here

高木明美 says:

I look this hermit crab is funny have a nice adventure .

lepelican says:

Never knew hermit crabs were so smart!! Such adorable little guys, too! :3

Leah Dawson says:

It's like how you try on clothes in the store! XD

Sol Poetry says:

I felt so bad for that crab that remained in his same shell

JoAnn Kirk says:

Fascinating !

CallMeHarley says:

This is so cute??

bukanbangkit says:

but how can shells come with various sizes?

Gami_Mami says:

They are so cute!!!

Queef DojoMaster says:

Nature's real estate agents

Anthony Ruiz says:

"They arrange themselves into an orderly queue." Hermit crabs are British, confirmed.

Ivy Greene says:

I wonder why being afraid of crabs isn't a more common phobia, considering they look quite similar to spiders, and other creepy-crawlies that evoke 'the shivers.'

Mrsun Ốc Mượn Hồn says:

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Kitty S says:

Aw, Krusty Krab got the same shell… greedy Krab! 😂

Julianna Martinez says:

I have a hermit crab

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