Pink Floyd Dog Music Video


darkmachete says:

Pink Floyd wrote "Echoes" And it rocks my world!!!

BlackEyedSun says:

Umm..this was the Final Cut. which was all Roger Waters. good albumn…not Floyd tho.

Bob G says:

Dogs are the restrain mechanism used to hold shipping containers, warehouse pulleys, etc. To "release the dogs" unlocks the clamps and drops the entire giant container. When Shakespeare coined the phrase "dogs of war" he meant the natural restraining mechanism that holds back the heavy load of war.

Bob G says:

Heheh. Its funny to see canine dogs in the video. The song is talking about mechanical release dogs, not canines.

LeftiesWillRule says:

conservative? as in in the conservative—-liberatian—-liberal scale? as in whack job republican xeno-homo-chango-phobe?

Eva C says:

This amuses me.

James Thornton says:

very soothing and poignant to listen to a song about old people being lived out by old dogs in a way that makes the whole carnival seem pretty grand indeed, even more so when this viewer has taken an Ambien and thus fuses with his pantheistic dog spirits of yore!

Benjamin Thornton says:

that was my idea

Keystonetoo says:

My dawgz….

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