Dog Music Video (Katie’s Dog, Miley)


Cavallienala says:

quanto è bello il Golden Retriever!! 

trishalishalicious says:

o my dog! its soo cute ; )

NintendogsParadise says:

Aww thank you so much 🙂 ofcoarse we could be friends ^.^

NintendogsParadise says:

okay ^.^

NintendogsUniverse says:

Awwww Bestie ;3 This is cute overload!! xD 

TNG1 says:

Dear NintendogsParadise… I don't like your videos. Not at all.

I LOVE THEM!!!! I really hope we can become best friends some time.. It's my dream to meet you one day.
But until now..
I'm just another fan.
Will you send your friend code to me maybe?
And if it isn't to much to ask.. sub? :)

Jaylee Schroeder says:

awwwww she's so cute!!! 😀 and great vid!

NintendogsPeace says:

🙂 I really feel like doing an update video on my dog :)

NintendogsParadise says:

I love Miley she is so awesome and cute and sweet :)

NintendogsParadise says:

Aww thanks

NintendogsParadise says:

Thank you :D

NintendogsPeace says:

Awwwwwwwww !

Desidog02 says:

Goldies are so cute ;)

shidoni says:

Miley is so cute :3 <3 <3 <3

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