Dog Music Video Contest!! *OPEN*

Make a music video starring your dog! It can be of your dog doing any sport, tricks, or just being cute!

*First place prize is a dog bandanna! If you don’t want to give me your address, I can send it to your library. Please get your parents permission! If you don’t want this prize, I can give you an edit instead. =)

I will be judging the videos by how well the clips fit the music, and if it is interesting or not. I will NOT be choosing the winner based on what song is chosen since everyone has a different taste in music. So, pick any song you want!

You CAN use a song that has bad words just as long as it isn’t too crude. I will send you a message if the song you have chosen is too inappropriate.

I can’t wait to watch all of the videos! =)



TalentedK9Tonya says:

Still open?

Desidog02 says:

Is this still open? Cuz I'm on school break and I can edit now :)

delilah443 says:

It's open for a few more days. :)

Desidog02 says:

I don't know if I'm able to enter. I've got a tricky editing software and I'm going to be up all night if I want to do what I have in my head, and I can't on a school night 🙁 I'm sorry. I'll enter your next contest for sure :)

delilah443 says:

Great, I can't wait to see it!

Desidog02 says:

Working on it right now!!!

micanoel95 says:

Posted my entry in the video responses. I hope it's ok that I have three of my pups in it.

delilah443 says:

The 30th of November

Desidog02 says:

Hmmm, I'll enter!

Court22132 says:

So whens the due date?

Court22132 says:

Awesome. I'll either re-make it or psot the older one. The problem is I can do MUCH better than the old video is.. but I'm too lazy to re-make it xD!

delilah443 says:

That would be PERFECT!! I don't want to see a video of just random stuff, a story line or something that goes with the song is exactly what I'm looking for!

eliluvsdice says:

Sweet, I'll make an entry to. 

Court22132 says:

So, I made a music video a while ago starring my dog and I.. Well, it was a storyline to the song… About what was happening in the song. My dog passed away (not in real life, just the video) and I was reminiscing and such. I thought it was a heartfelt video and such.. it's made people cry. It's a bit older, and I was planning on re-making it one day but it is a LOT of work. Would that video work…?

boltandbella says:

I'll be making an entry ^-^

MissyandPiper says:

I love this contest, great idea! I'm in.

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