Best Video of GSD – German Shepherd Dog

Best Video of GSD – German Shepherd Dog
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Nick Brown says:

um what about white

Azar Portr says:

smail haha

June Sipahelut says:

beautiful breed ^^

Asom UK says:


Noor Iqbal says:

We have also 3 German Shepards

jaisimha kotha says:

superb it's strong dog

Aian Vizcarra says:

that can is Beathiful

Vashawn Washington says:

I mean ! not ?

Vashawn Washington says:

I have a German Shepard named Zeus he's trained and awesome?

Andreza Avalhaes says:


Sharda Singh says:

i want sane of siberian husky

Stevie Lowe says:

due to cross breeding and genetics this magnificent dog has now alot of health problems most noticeable the back legs .

Λίτσα Σαρακηνού says:

ha ha ha ha 😄😄😄

Λίτσα Σαρακηνού says:

what an ugly dogs.idiots dogs.stupid dogs and owners.

Marcelo Fernandes says:


Kallinyx says:

Unfortunately, these magnificent dogs have been overbred for a particular appearance that has left too many of them vulnerable to many genetically related diseases and crippling conditions. If you look at old photos of the original breed, they had a much more wolf-like conformation that was far sturdier. It gave them all of the qualities that they have become so prized for. But now they are being used less and less for jobs like guarding and police work because of their increased vulnerability and high medical bills. The AKC has a lot to answer for because of irresponsible breeding practices that puts avant garde looks above health and intelligence. It's a waste and a shame. Maybe people with the strong dogs will breed them back to their original qualities.

Pipennn Philipe says:

i had a german shepherd when i was small but he died he protected me and did not let no one get near me just my mom and dad can near me.

pratham tamta says:

gsd are fab breed ever

nazifi usman says:

plz how can i get 1

Hamad ali says:

German shepherds are best

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