14 Funny Pet Videos Compilation 2017

From chickens playing with instruments, dogs eating bananas, to piglets running around the room, these are just a few of the funny pets you’ll find in this funny pet videos compilation.

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karluhhbell says:

I feel bad for Todd. He didn't really get to finish his story.

Animals and Co says:

The Golden-doodle in the beginning is so cute!

Shani Black says:

I wanted to cry over that christmas cat. Bloody ADORABLE

Heidi says:

LOVE IT! 😁😸💞

Leonardo Rivera says:

Por qué tener un perro mejor tengamos un cerdo miniatura

zamora kid says:

can someone subscribe on #zamorakidgo

Jovee Gillen says:

0:39 I can't help but feel like that cat was a human until a witch cast a hex on them, and they were actually trying to call for help.

Davit Lim says:

So cute! Love the puppies and dogs! …. I am a dog person!🐶

Siss Ctne says:

SO cute…the dog eating a banana (wtf?!!) haha. Animals pets I should say) are much more intelligent than what we think…I love watching your videos

Badass Unicorn says:

The cat at 1:18 looks high as a kite

Shibas And Sammies Are The Best says:


dolce manu says:

aaaaaawww i love puppy

Berry Bonnie says:

This kind of compilation videos really help me when I get panick attacks so thank you for uploading them :3

Neko Darkstone says:

that cat looked hight as balls xD

Maddy Bellisle says:

the bird sounds like it was saying "num num num num or uhm uhm uhm uhm"

Steve Landman says:

I think the cat was smoking some good Maine green bud.

Roadhog Is Daddy says:

Can you please put the cats and dogs in separate videos and have these pet videos just for animals like ferrets, rodents, amphibians, reptiles, farm animals etc;? When I watch these videos I was expecting less cats and dogs but instead there's more of them than any other animal. Its not that I hate them, I do currently have 2 cats and previously had a dog and love them to bits.

BloodFlow HigH says:

loll, that cat is a thief

Marieke Lissoway says:

that Christmas cat is the best. I'd have conversations with my cat every day if it did that

Hollandda CE says:

So sorry for that poor dog in "shoes"…"socks"… whatever… But, it would be less unnatural and sad if it were for the sake of the weather…

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