Australian shepherd Brandy – dog tricks video

Brandy and me compete successfully in dogdancing for several years, but this is our first special promo video of dog tricks ! More soon …. .-)

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Adrianna L says:

I have a mini Aussie and she is so full of energy! I'd love to get her to do all these tricks eventually. She's only 5 months now

Eric Flint says:

While Vanda is demonstrably a loving trainer; I wish to caution people that it is not ok to train your dogs/friends/pets if you are not very educated in the 'how'. Dog's, especially highly intelligent dogs are extremely sensitive and you can easily confuse them and crush them if you don't know what your are doing. — If you love Aussies, and are looking for a good pet, family companion; the best is to learn simple required manners and above all – consistency in your training and expectations. Love them first – train them second.

Mel_grosy says:

amazing!!! 😍

Efe Kista says:

Krásny havino, šikovny:) Je dosť ťažke naučiť psa krívať?:) PS: Má nádhernú farbu:)

cjxabel says:

Wow what camera and lens did you use? The quality looks amazing!

Happy Aussi says:

Der Hund ist foll süß

Dominika Stępień says:

I really admire your work with Brandy. I'm totally in love with the breed (well, maybe not with the barking part ;)) and I have an Aussie as well. We're training obedience – Aussies were definitely make for heel work. :D

Petra Pabišková says:

Je úžasná :3

Natalka says:

wow ! 😍😍

Aaron border collie says:

úžasný video!!! ste moc šikovní!!!

Social Marley says:

No klobouk dolů! Tohle je neuvěřitelný! ♥

michael asleson says:

awsome vid

Lena Marie Müller says:

Awesome dog and great video! :)

fester2306 says:

Beautiful dog. Is Brandy considered a merle?

Madleen Gruber says:

which camera do you use?

Tamara Kedves says:

Hi! You're amazing 🙂 I also teach tricks to my dogs 🙂 How did you teach the spin on two legs?

Sharon-Kim Dörr says:

what is the name from the Song

Aïko Australian Shepherd says:

It's my favorite video, i love! ♥

Klaudia Dogs says:


Stella Dawn says:

Your video inspired me to get a Australian shepherd. My Aussie is now 1 years old now.

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