Dog eating cat.


Rochelle Walden says:

nooooo don't eat that cat i like cats in hate dogs

Jaiden Thompson says:

but my dog bust in my room with all the dog n that cats running away but my dog chasing them the dog put his head under the droor to get them what does this mean

Veloci Raptor says:


Squishy Peeks says:

You guys stop saying those mean things to cats and dogs.

Kelly Armstrong says:

i hage dogs

Kelly Armstrong says:

i like cats

One4theworld says:

lol the dog is just adorable. I think the cat likes it n takes it as scratching.

TheSimasGuy says:

so cute:)

Zillywho Fictionworks says:

Y'all are fucking retarded if you think that this dog is ACTUALLY trying to eat the damn cat. If it WAS, the cat would be dead in 15 seconds or less. What he's doing is teething; its a form of playfighting. My dogs do it all the time.

Zillywho Fictionworks says:

The dog isn't eating the cat, he's playing with her. My dogs nibble each other all the time, its a form of playfighting

martythebeatmaker says:

Mother trucker why wont you separate them

being-being says:

I hate dogs

Silly Sausage says:

Good dog

maru wann says:


Hallie Collins says:

How could u let that happen!!!!

naxnox1 says:

Cat's all like: DOG, WHAT R U DOIN, DOG, STAHP

InASenseGuilty says:

You should be arrested for that couch

solidkiller99 says:

Haha the cat didnt even fight what a dumb ass

ThyVampire says:

They look like they are kissing for some reason.

Nikusha White says:

mtyvans sheveci rac eg chams katas

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