Cat pushes dog in a pool – The Translation

Holiday arguments ay?

Check out the splendid original video here:


Elani Aniyvwia says:

LoL!!!!!!! Get in the water!!!!

BeAsA Roze says:

☺ LOL!! ☺

irism says:


shawne 87 says:

cat " i don't care call them" lol too funny because cats don't actually literally give a shit.

TeddyBearGamer 11 says:

omg so funny!!! * dies laughing*

1Lotusflower says:

the cat really did push too hahahhahaha

Michell Michl says:

that's just funny right there reminds me of the movie cat and dogs


Hilarious lol!

brianhipolyte says:

Hahahaha!!! Another great voice over, especially the "Security!" bit. Brilliant!

Olivia ricks says:

I love this!!!!!

taputechnic says:

Thanks to Henri, all black & white cats must now have French accents.

AAAbatterye2 says:

clearly the the dog unknowingly ran into the pool as you can see the cat was actually dragged by the dog rapidly backing away from the cat.

sk c says:

Really excellent timing!

The kitten army still says:

Why did u stop the video so fast when he got pushed

heerah34 says:

If you wanna enjoy the water then get in (pushed dog in pool) LMMFAO I'm dead !!!!

Lia Daniels says:


Kathleen Clark says:

If you want to enjoy the water so much get in! LMAO

Andrea Vaughan says:

Omg that is sooo funny…normally i don't really like when people talk for animals but that was just perfect..the accents and the "security" bit…and the push in the water..very well done and funny as hell ! Omg I have watched this at least 4 times over the past 2 days and each time it gets even funnier..this should have many more "likes"

1winterrosepetals says:

I love these videos! Only your translations though. The other people who do it suck at it. But you should make the different voices a little more distinct.

Dat Randy says:

What happened with you and Copa 90 with you show (TGFYCSE)

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