Dog Loves Baby When the First Time They Met Compilation NEW

A dog loves a baby. That’s why dogs are so cute and funny. Dogs and babies get along so well. Check out these dogs love babies when the first time they met compilation.

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Muskaan Simmo says:

so sweet

Bob and the Drone says:

One of God's great gift to us, dogs!

magic tail says:

I love 5:00 like if you think that was cute

saiyansnake says:

4:22 The dog is allergic to babies LOL

miss_midge_6515 says:

I was waiting for that balloon to pop.

AsiaticDisciple says:

Beautiful video. Reminds me of when my two youngest boys were babies and we bought our Rocky home. Oh the good ole' Baby & Puppy love days. I was tickled throughout the video. lol Nice! :-)

Jutka Magosiné says:


FlashMaster1900 says:

Never leave babies and dogs alone. They're still carnivores and potentially dangerous.

Star Light says:

Dogs like it when they can make humans laugh…so cool to watch. This vid does make you smile. Thanks for posting :-)

greenmanofkent says:

Get rid of those damned blurred/enlarged sidebars! They add nothing and make the videos very hard to look at.

Queek headtaker says:

My first dog was a vizla a wire haired one, he died last year of cancer yet watching this I can't help but think of him as a puppy being jetliner with his mother

WolfFireheart says:

Haha, the first dog running around making the baby laugh is adorable.
The dog is fully aware the baby is laughing because what he/she is doing.
So he just keeps on doing it xD

clutch cargo says:

Such a sweet compilation. Love the babies but the dog's steal the show. (Sneezing in unison-remarkable)! :-)

Blulk Smash says:

What kind of doggie is that giant, black, smashed head beast at 2:10 ?? So darn cute !!!!

Adel Ali says:

so scary. I can't trust human with my kids how come animals and dogs . I love dogs but not to this limit

Helena Bella says:

It is nice for baby and dog to play but why parent let the dog lick baby's face and passing all the germs. May God protect these babies

Helga Groß says:

Sehr unterhaltsam aber nicht alles gut

cultfan 52 says:

Impossible to watch this and not smile !

yatchi lucio says:

if the owner is confident the dog will not harm the baby then there's nothing wrong with the two of them playing together. a well behaved dog, and baby are soo cute!!! ^-^

Edu S. says:

Que vídeo más entrañable que bonito gracias por bajarlo

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