Dogs Welcome Home Military Member After Deployment


Bel Hallis says:

awe what a sweet reunion!

Monica Jackson says:

it was funny when they were licking your face

karneasada says:

anyone know what kind of dogs these are? they're so adorable asl;dfjalskdfa this is great

1959cloclo says:

Can hear mum crying tears of joy, absolutely  wonderful, so happy for you all. Oh and RAYDADON21 cats can show great affection too

Hugh Franklin says:

Now thats a welcome home

Linda Jetty says:

I hear mum crying in the backround. Welcome home :)

maybetoby says:

Are they both dachshunds?

Gilvin says:

listen, we've got to give daddy a big massage!

Ulrike Werst says:

Wie herrlich und wie süß!

Garth LK says:

Dogs are the best organisms on this planet

AdrienneAce2 says:

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, doxie kisses!!!! 

Deborah Chelsea says:

So cute oh my goodness 

SaikyoMog says:

Nothing beats the love of a dog. They want nothing more than to show you their affection and ask for nothing in return. Though a walk or some treats would be nice :p

Kimazzle Jimazzle says:

A friendly care package on the right

austin harrell says:

I love it

coorslightcowboy says:

I have to agree!!

DJ UtkuSucu says:

Not all muslims are evil for example i am a muslim but i have a siberian husky(his name is leonidas:) and a golden Retriever puppy(azura) i really love them. Btw great video:) greetings from Turkey:)

betsyforever32 says:

Aww dogs have good memory

David Govett says:

Dogs must think he returned from the dead.

Angie says:

Good lord, I'm in tears now :') I hope my Bono welcomes me home that way ^^

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