Dogs That Absolutely Hate Baths! Funny Dogs Compilation | Video Digest

An amusing compilation of dogs throwing temper tantrums even at the sound of a bath! They scowl, they argue, drag their feet, bark, resist, hide, and whatever else just to get away from a bath. Apparently there are some dogs that really dread getting washed! The arguing Husky was my favorite. No dogs were harmed so this is a fun watch! Enjoy


ergulum says:

WTF!!!!! at 5:49

Dana garza says:

so precious…. I love it

Frédérique JUAN says:

ils ne parlent pas notre langue, mais rien qu'à leur regard et "réponse audible", leur mimics, ils sont trop bons, beaux, ils nous font tellement rire dans leurs gestes en guise de paroles, tellement compréhensives, too mutch !!!

Frédérique JUAN says:


Buch Autor says:

sie denken man will sie ertränken… aber der Mensch mit Handy denkt ja nicht….ausser wenns um seinen egotrip geht

Samyya Logan says:

the last one had me dying lmao

Márk Kollár says:

ending song pls?

Joe James Romulo says:

hahahaha dog not afraid to take a bath.. they'd afraid to drown..

Vule Car Master says:

me, school like that

Dalinkahzel Shazuzukawn says:

pro tip for the people carrying their dog to the bathroom….try entering back first

Jose Santos says:

omg is so cute ehen the husky talks back omg i want one lol

PinkFloyd HP says:

Me when im forced to go to school.

lps lulů 2 says:


Gamer YT says:

Lol they part cat

MadeAUsername says:

I can't STAND having dogs that have a short life span. Their deaths traumatize me a lot. I can't stand it :/ I gotta have a dog that lives at least 15.

Wolfgaming 13 says:

my dog dance's for baths

Shu Meow says:

2:26 what breed of dog is that? So cute!
Also is the owner pulling the dog by the jaw?!!

puggilove says:

5.00 that dog looked like a frog – so funny!

Cat Quimy Pony says:

seeing how Husky dogs whine in these kinds of videos, made me think that my dog may be part Husky too… she looks more like a German Shepherd, but has those bright grey eyes, and she always does weird noises when she's excited or happy XD

H logo says:

Why so many doggggs do not like bath?

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