Funny dog play pool (snooker)| Cute dogs singing and playing with baby

Dog is funny and cute pet that can play various kind of sport and activities such as football, snooker or pool, singing a song and more. Dog is not only funny, but it is also friendly with his owner and baby. Watching these adorable dogs playing with baby is very relaxing and enjoyable.

This video is consist of:
• Cute dog playing pool or snooker. It look very friendly and funny when playing.
• Funny dog try to sing happy birthday song when his owner play the music.
• Cute dog and baby play,

This video is remixed from videos under creative common attribution, refer to video source for attribution.

By AnimalPlanet2016


Anthony Martinez says:

Great job on this video. Awesome dog .

Bob Widenor says:

So adorable

TitanFall 45681738 says:


Ducky “Mr. Rubber Duck” DucksterDJ says:

It's… Just… To… Cute!:3

Pam Semones says:

The dog and the pool table was so cute.

Miqael Fun Time says:

Hi 😊,

I really loved your video.
Great video and I think you should make more of it. I sub and like!
I noticed that we have some similar interest.
Hope you can watch my channel as well.
This is FUN!! 😄😄

Maribel Huemes says:

Hola el vídeo està muy bien

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