Babies annoying dogs – Cute and funny baby & dog compilation

Babies are very cute, but they can be very annoying too 😀
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Shakeel Ahmed Ahmed says:

it's good but if the dog bites the baby
so painful it will be for baby

Jcee Wynter says:

This is cute…. ^w^

Michele Murphy says:

Kids/babies are suppose to be in rear facing car seats until the age 2. when I see lil bittys in front facing it scares the crap out of me…. make sure yr kiddos are safe ALL the time :)

ruth smith says:

're big dogs…she could type better than me as well! Meant to say treat toy dogs like dolls!

ruth smith says:

Gamer Jason 're big dogs versus small…have had both….Love of my life being a Newfoundland who died 6 years ago. They both have good aboutNd bad points depends on whAt they were bred for BUT most of the toy breeds suffer from being treated by their owners like follies! Train them and give them a life and they are fine. Current dog is 9 inches high she is trained, exercised and knows the rules and a pleasure….though I confess I miss my ten stone of benign Newfie!

ruth smith says:

Adrian Crawford…if we knew what you were swearing about you might seem like less of a moron.

Chitraksh 14 says:

Not hating on the babies….but If I saw this happening in front of me……oh Boi….😠

Maria Sosa says:


Gertruda Gubijan says:

Some of parents they are bloody completely IDIOTS!!!!

Kira Sutton says:

the dog at 6:54 looks like kujo

themic10000 says:

3:17 get the fuck of me hooman.

Stephen H says:

The videos of the dogs howling after the baby makes a noise is funny because eventually the baby realizes that the dog is coping it. As for the videos of parents encouraging their kid to ride the dog like a pony those morons should be charged with animal cruelty as well as child endangerment.

adrin crawford says:

this comment section is fucking cancer holy shit I'm losing brain cells already from you fucking idiots

eddiepoole says:

wie heisst die titelmelodie?

TheMinecraftLion Gaming says:

1:52 Just… FUCK!

TheMinecraftLion Gaming says:

1:16 Help me this kid is so fucking annoying!

amanda says:

I would like to give a shotout to all the dogs who survived the babies love ☺🐶

Toria Vincolato says:

I'd take a dog over a kid any day. never having kids. only animals. poor things get tortured and then when it bites after numerous times of showing signs it doesn't want to be bothered the dog gets given away or a bad name or even put down

Mark Deaton says:

Good way to get your kid bit or worse. Once the kid has learned this is ok and the "boss" steps out it's another story. Trust me don't let this be ok.

White Swan says:

poor dogs!

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