Smart Animals Compilation

SMART ANIMALS COMPILATION ►► Feeling secure in your human intelligence? Watch these animals show off their brains by solving problems. Who’s really in charge?

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Smokey Bear says:

Animals really understand they really do i have been to many houses where they have a dog and lots didn't really have a relationship with the dog and i usually like show the dog that i understand and i know that he is just acting like a dog to satisfy them

kids place on channel 9 says:

thanks Allah for all these animals 😊😊I love em I eat em.

hassan messaoudi says:

3:04 poor bird 🙁 .

Francisco Fernandez says:

Thank God for all of these animals. I love'm.

Benjamin Alarcon says:

reminds me how a fly walks

Matthew Spielbauer says:

most of them are smarter than me

Carter Hines says:

Holy crap they are smart

Jordan Boakes says:

How tf are they that smart? Can someone explain this?

Michelle Williams says:

they are so smart

Sputnik says:

now i can tell someone to go get me a beer without all the hassle of marriage

Setnomessej says:

Dog can drive a car, but I can't get a text back.

Griffin Evans says:

Such a great video! can't wait for more

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