Karl The Smart Border Collie


yj yj says:

karl is thinking really. hey, where is, and words pointing the objects. karl does know these words. i guess he knew where u were looking at and when he made it with hearing the compliment words and air, he learned what's what. anyway, karl is really smart. hair's shiny!

No Comment says:

Karl ………where is the Cookie jar ! in England we call them biscuits BC . s love biscuits !

vora Mai says:

Are they good guard dogs?

Zach V says:

Karl seems bored. Seems to be asking when he can start studying advanced trig…

steevee1945 says:

Good job of training.

lar4305 says:

Border collies are the smartest dogs in the world. I just wish that dogs lived longer, such sort lives they have.

Guizoca GG says:

My niece can do this too

Chris (Chrisgopher) says:

Good god, I thought my BC had too many toys.

saske _nightcore says:

He has SOOOOOOOO many toys

battini yassine says:

where is my treats you stupid ass bitch!

윤영진 says:

soung fkiop mjyui wert bopm

WhaleZ says:

damn, the way he threw the weasel, trying to rip it to shreds, he clearly doesn't like that toy…

Rick Deckard says:

0:43 I thought you said "Fax" not "Fox" even as a human I didn't understand so I give a pass to the Collie on that one!

WAMx3 vlog says:

where's my treats? Is what Karl is thinking

Everything Awesome// YT says:

Aw… So cute

Claudio AGMFIlho says:

Fantástico vídeo, i am from Recife in Brazil South America…

rpande says:

Karl….you are amazing.

katkatCSI says:

He can understand the difference between a "blue dog" and a "blue duck"? I am amazed!

Shadow The Rat says:

Wow, that dog is super smart and so motivated!

Twiggy the lizard says:

😁💓That border collie is so adorable.

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