Charlie the Beagle Performs Amazing Dog Trick

Charlie the Beagle Performs Amazing Dog Trick:

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This time my dog Charlie has very hard job to do. Check it out 🙂 I can’t believe myself how smart he is:)

“Eighties Action” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Blue Kitty says:

Hey i like Louie the Beagle!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 lose Charlie Sorry!

Bad Time Sans (Mr. Bad Time) says:

And Beagle are one the least intelligent dogs list, skrew that! Beagles are very intelligent. All dogs are.

渡部大輔 says:

very clever!!! 賢い

Hendra says:

Impresisve! My dog only can basic like sit, down, shakehand & bring ball, he could not distinguish between small and large ball, I teach him very hard but fail :D

baba says:

I love Charlie! So cute! I would like to see more 🙂 Go Charlie go!

BarneyFife00 says:

We have a dumb beagle. Adorable but dumb. :)

S a r t h a k. says:

i am able to teach my dog go,come,namaste, jump, play hide and seek but no hi5
how did u teach charlie??

good dog charlie

oldfrend says:

man that is a GOOD DOG! G'BOY CHARLIE! G'BOY!

Derrick/Fusions says:

Thats actually 8 things cause the slippers

Bob McCollum says:

Beagles are hounds. They have the best sense of smell of pretty much any breed of dog. They are loyal to a T, and they are cute as hell. Such a great little companion. 

Alice DB says:

That daddy is a couch potato :D

Nick Ireland says:

that was not seven things in one single  shot

Lucila Ostapczuk says:

Perfect dog <3

grassroot011 says:

For food, anything.

Beata G says:

bravo :)

Viktor Varga says:

Can you teach him to order some pizza? :D

Peter Henningsen says:

A shame you edit out the audio. It would strenghten the evidence that he is actually fetching the right things by verbal command and not picking them up chance.

kopitikop says:

Amazing dog!!!

tonebonetones says:

It would be informative to hear audio and what commands you gave him to fetch the different items.  What a great dog, though! You very lucky. Black mark for the cigarettes, though…my best friend is dying of lung cancer, and believed himself invincible and loved his cigs….. until they killed him.

TheOlimpik1 says:

On jest niesamowity! I po co tu komu żona jak się ma takiego psa co wszystko pod rękę poda! 

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