This dog got the shock of her life during surprise reunion!

Watch Fizz get the shock of her life when I pranked her with a surprise reunion.
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Sophie Sykes says:

as soon as she got your scent, she knew it was you

Christian Parker says:

Great vid! Very uplifting!

myastroflight says:

Dog "It smells like Dad but it's a rock".

Maggie Collins says:

you need to feed her more

LittleLulubee says:

Aaaaaw, PUPPY LOVE!!! 😍😍😍

gerald miller says:

That's the kind of things dads play ON their children. Funny.

lapinbeau says:

That's quite a welcome. How long were you gone??

Laddy Gibbions says:

This is how I am going to act when
I find a woman who loves me!!!.

GETREAL! says:

Very nice video thank you for posting. FUCK those people who gave thumbs down for this nice video

steve williams says:

OMG, that was funny!!!! lol

Paul Suarez says:

she could smell you a mile away.boss renunion

caroline boetger says:

so cute!

Creative Anime 2004 says:

Aaaahhh so cute I love videos like this💜👄

DJ Jones says:



So cute..but whys the dog so skinny?

jennifer garcia says:

So beautiful. You can tell she loves you! I watched this 10 times or more just watching her when you made sounds she knew were from you. I loved it!

Lara says:

This made me sooo happy

Kevin Stewart says:

what kind of dog is that? he's beautiful

queen nie says:

I love dogs more than humans. Dogs are not corrupt, they don't care about power, money, and political agenda. They don't give a damn about skin color. They only want companionship.

Ben Gossler says:

God damnit. Right in the feels.

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