Emmitt Thunderpaws Welcomes Home His Military Dad!

Follow Emmitt Thunderpaws on Twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/E_Thunderpaws or be his friend on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000795920865 After a long 9 months apart, Emmitt Thunderpaws is REALLY HAPPY to see his favorite person again! He smelled him in the house and then ran outside to greet him. We’ve taught Emmitt never to jump on anyone and we don’t let him stand on our shoulders because it’s bad for his hips, so this is quite out of character for him. He almost seems like he’s in shock as he’s not crying, barking, or even licking! Just holding onto Trevor and staring him in the eyes as if he can’t believe he’s back. Dogs are awesome 🙂


Fei Yun says:

这个狗真大 大丹犬

James Morris says:

That's the greeting I get if I close a door for 5 minutes or walk outside to check the mail.

Mike Koss says:

He just got back from killing women and children in an illegal war. Let's praise him and give him free coffee at the mall. After all, he works for a military that tortures people and has killed almost a million since 2001.

Chris Heller says:

Thank you for this cute and emotional video.
Thank you Trevor for your service.
That is a beautiful Great Dane.

0riginal _Panda_Child says:

Doggo does a reunion

Craddock 222 says:

That is not a dog!It's a mini horse!XD Great video!

raindncr1 says:

317 people gave a thumbs down?? wow they must be heartless this is awesome and thank you for your service!!!!!! hug that pup for me please

Dr. Love 1987 says:

What kind of dog is that?

alan spagnolia says:

All I can say is; PRAISE ALMIGHTY GOD For HIS Beautiful and wonderful animals that HE Created 🙂 Welcome home, Soldier, btw !!!!!


Thank you for sreveing

20PINKluvr says:

lol he's taller than his daddy when standing

Richard Feldman says:

put a saddle on that giant.. Hope he is still alive.. Nothing better than a dog to make a man happy.

Grace Collins says:

I think that's a mini horse not a dog

Traian Craciun says:

Not do dogs only remember you. They also feel exactly what you've gone through.

negyms says:

The single greatest name for a dog i have ever heard!! Thunderpaws!

jrmaddu1 says:

This is why I'm a dog person, cats definitely wouldn't do this shit

AllNamesWasTakenlol says:

That's a shitload of dog

ChiChi TheChocolateChihuahua says:

I love these videos

Jana Giovanelli says:

"i think he remembered you" that just made me think of how sad it would be if he wouldnt remember his soldier…

miss_midge_6515 says:

"Sit?? Sit?? Not a chance. I know Daddy;s out there. LEMME AT HIM!!!"

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