[Funny Cats Compilation] One-Hour long | NEW in HD (2015)

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Diana Gray says:

These videos are so funny

Scooot NoooN says:

i didn't laugh a single time like siriusly

Sooty The Cat says:

you liar this is not even one hour its 57

dear gone girl says:


Robert Sterba says:

super miroe bro

kikru000 says:

13:39 Let the kitty bath!!!! xD

Cassidy Dishong says:

The cats are fine. Right? They're alive. It's not like they were throwing the cat or stabbing it, it's humid guys. The cats aren't hurt. They didn't die. So keep the rude comments to yourself because if you want to see "cruel" look up slaughter houses then tell me this stuff is cruel. Grow Tf up.

Ильгиз Амирханов says:

повторяются ролики…

Hunter tef Springtrap and Friends says:

Have you guys seen.a cat destroying an elf on the shelf

Kalaninumberone says:

Thes are mostly super funny or dumb and sad and mean

EMERALD 2000 says:

it almost made me pee in my pants





dark storm says:

it's so cool and funny

brian gallacher says:

so u stole someone elses video and called it ur own and like them u left it like its re runnin with the same doubles as the last 1 watched sad fuker

Crockettt1984 says:

What's the music at 5:40 ?

XxDumbKittyxX Gaming says:

start at 5:30 and look at the cat —- All of a sudden the bread comes up.

Brookk Aj says:

its only 57:05 tho..

Debs Debs says:

4:04 is so mean 😭 there just laughing at the poor cat… I would of helped the cat instantly

Bernard Koussoulos says:

You morons are so cruel you need to get a life and leave those poor creatures alone . go buy some Vodka adl e

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