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A parrot can be very annoying. Check out these funny parrots annoying these funny dogs in this funny parrot and dog videos compilation. mihaifrancu is a channel with funny animals and funny animal videos. All you can find like cute kittens, cute puppies or cats and kittens meowing or dogs barking and also funny cats and funny dogs, but wait, there’s more. Funny horses or funny monkeys are also cute and funny. Owls or a ferret or a guinea pig or a hamster and more on this funny videos and cute videos channel. Wild animals for kids or for children to learn how they act. Also domestic animals for children to learn or for kids or animals for toddlers as we want children and kids and toddlers to learn from the cutest and funniest videos of animals. You can also find animal fails and animal vines in some compilations as funny fails and funny vines of animals are also funny. And let’s not forget top 10 or best videos like top 10 funny horses or top 10 funny monkeys or top 10 funny animals or more.

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Aisha Yousuf says:

sooo lovely

Susan George says:

I shudder to think what has happened to these parrots since this video. Even if they didn't intend to hurt them, these dogs could easily kill a parrot just by clowning around. Dogs like to jump at things, and if any of these dogs accidentally hit one of these birds with its paw, it would seriously injure or kill the bird. Seriously folks, you should not allow birds to be around dogs or cats, especially if the birds wings are clipped so they can't fly.

Bijinius Cross says:

aw, the big ol' guy at the beginning is just a plain good dog. good natured and enthusiastic.

dragonknight824 says:

The part at 0:35 made me cringe a little. Mainly because the bird is sitting on a railing, outside, with some distance between where it is and the ground. Made me worried that the bird would fall off and fall to the ground. :/
I'm glad it didn't though :)

freakishlyfeline says:

0:38 Hello I'm the Dentist I'm here to clean your teeth xD

Toxic Laker says:

why do dogs usually go for the legs?



Sildene Pereira says:

eu amor animais muito 👏👏 😻 💋

Christine O. says:

The first dog is like "I'm watching you bird…always watching…" lol

Ernest Sitko says:

Cute ^__^

jbooks888 says:

And every dog here is thinking – Oh no. I'm supposed to be the cutest thing in this household.

bigtimetorifan says:

And anybody who knows these birds knows how hard they can BITE!

mulonzee877 says:

parrots are the ultimate trolls besides humans in the animal kingdom

Robert Andrei says:


bruce liu says:

stop placing your own watermark on other peoples vids.



frank katende says:

that footwork from the dog at 00:30 :D

Angela Zickert says:

total süß Papagei mit der Bulldogge


الببغاوات ملاقيفً

Jon Doe says:

whos everybody got in a fight to the death between the 2 at 0:16?

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