Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation NEW

The ultimate funny guilty dogs are back! Remember the last time you felt guilty. I guarantee you a guilty dog looks exactly like you.

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kyle d says:

My little pooch. My little poodle buddy chewed the railing at the floor in my rec room years ago. Left her teeth marks. I simply painted over them and they actually became a momento of her puppy days. Those tooth marks eventually became VERY special to me. Be patient with your pups. You never know how valuable those experiences become!!!

Deborah J says:

Let's face it, dogs are always smarter than we ever could be.

Walter Strong says:


Mallepogu Suresh says:

ilovle dogs

lily dolores (lil) says:

dumb human: did u do this huh did u? dog that does not speak:………0.o (I'm sorry human I cannot speak like u so I don't know how u expect me to answer your question) sits there with guilty confused look on its face.

marino Sanchez says:

mocca almost talk

Mabelline B says:

the enveloping is annoying as f all

planetizationrising says:

I was depressed until I started watching this and I couldn't stop laughing! Thank you so, so much!

Behold Eärendil says:

please someone tell me that the outro track is available for free somewhere PLEASE

Sailor Saturn says:


Melik Gibsson says:

sad animals nothing funn

fu says:

Nice use of click bait, i wanted to see that dog… I'm so disappointed.

Anyways, i can't believe that Caloway chewed the hat on masters birthday

collins njuguna says:

2:40 dog is like where the fuck yall going thot we were all together in this maaan…

Saratha Tech says:

they didn't lie

Sherry Carberg says:

If people are going to have dogs, put your personal belongings away!! Dont leave your shoes lying around! Its YOUR fault not the damn dogs! Reason being, the poor dogs are left all alone all day because youre at work! I dont think people should be allowed to be dog owners if they just leave them ALL alone to fend for themselves! You people are CRUEL!! STOP YELLING AT THESE DOGS FOR YOUR OWN STUPIDITY! Now as Im writing this a woman is bitching because of a hat "on her birthday". Well my God you nut why is your hat not in the closet or put away! Your fault! Your fault! Your fault! Always will be! You people make me sick. Also the title is ridiculous because NONE of this is funny at all!!!!!!! Its pure SAD!!!!


OK that couch thing was a little out of hand

Sara Love says:

poor dogs are only chewing things because they are bored left alone for too long. Also dogs don't know the meaning of "sorry" they don''t have human emotions, they are dogs.

animal lover says:


Ross Mudie says:

they act so sad cause the owners normally shout at them and are pretending to be cheesily nice for YouTube, nasty owners lol.

debora samuel says:

Awwwwww look at those guilty eyes…. So adorable!! ❤ love them!!!!!!

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