The COOLEST toy dog trick tutorial!

This video goes over how to teach one of the coolest toy dog tricks out there. Are you tired of all the big dogs having cooler tricks than small dogs? Well here is a trick that big dogs will struggle at trying to compete with.

Thank you for watching!

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bosofox says:

Watching your videos, everything just looks soooo easy…
I was just looking for a bit inspiration what to exercise next with my Terriers.
Have a lot Ideas now… Just have to jump into Ikea and buy a few boxes ;-)

realcanecorsos says:

Why is your dog so skinny

mstrout99 says:

I'd offer a high value treat to teach my dog this…turkey meatball, hot dog, leftover steak.

Nik Kru says:

Oh, I thought Tug would be heavier.
Mine dog is around 13kg (28lbs) but perhaps it'll work^^

Erica DeCriscio says:

Do you think a dushond can do this please get back yo me

Dawn Rich says:

What treat are you offering?

Bryna says:

+Miatia123 . i think she says "piggyback"

TuskyAgility97 says:

What word do you use for this trick? :)

CicisAdventures says:

Where can I buy those containers?

kimmobley333 says:

Thanks for sharing this.

Caitlin Peacock says:

my dog won't follow treats, even hot dogs! what to do about that?

ThorminatorFrenchie says:

Looks like I found Thor's next Trick!!! Thank you for breaking it down step by step! If you have time ti watch the other videos on my page I'd love any feedback!!

gusgura says:

I wonder if you write down what the tricks you teach your dogs. Cause i forgot what my dog knows and yours know much more than my dog and I really wonder if it is possible for you to remember what they all know.

Les petits tours de Chico - Chico's Dog Tricks says:

Sorry I sent a comment video twice… My husband made a comment about my video, and I HAD to change something because I'm a bit of a perfectionist… I think next time my husband sees something that could be wrong (but maybe isn't), he will keep quiet! The good video is a second one! Thanks!

Les petits tours de Chico - Chico's Dog Tricks says:

Thanks A LOT for this tutorial, kikopup! Chico is 17 lbs and it took two weeks of training. I was sooo proud of him, I did a video and included a link back to your tutorial. All tutorials for small dog tricks are really appreciated! Do you have other ones like that? Thanks again for the idea!

Sonja Larsen says:

thanks, great idea, i'm going to try it!

Yoshi Wolpertinger says:

Habt ihr weiter dran gearbeitet? Könnt ihr inzwischen auch laufen?
Oder probierst du es vielleicht mit Lissy, wenn Sprotte doch zu schwer ist?

Yoshi Wolpertinger says:

Your dog isn't to big for this. 30 pounds are more than doable. You just have to try it. 😉

Yoshi Wolpertinger says:

Just an idea:
Use a blanket as target. A blanket you can fold and wrinkle in the process so he steps on a surface that's safe (flat) in the beginning and gets wobblier with time easing him in stepping on something that isn't flat without getting spooked.

Sonja Larsen says:

Hi, love you and your dogs! i'm trying to teach this trick to my 9lb terrier mix. He's great wth standing on books or platforms but as soon as it gets wiggly (on my feet) he's spooked and won't step up. Maybe to complicate things I've taught him to paw my feet so if he sees my feet under the book he seems to think that's the trick I'm after. I've tried teaching him to stand on large shoes (not on my feet|) but again if the surface isn't flat, he won't step on it. 

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