My dog is stupid.


Fenton Bevan says:

He's hearing the echo from his own bark coming out of the bin/can and its slightly confusing to him (or her).

Bri Maree says:

My dog licked the seats in my mums car…..

Jake Goodman says:

Pets resemble their owners

I-love-youtube-videos says:

Your dog is DHAD.

Jeanine Joseph says:

You raised him

Slime Bucket says:

The dog being afraid of getting a ball has absolutely nothing to do with it's training….

Some dogs are even too stupid to receive anything from training.. this MIGHT be one of those dogs 😛

but again, it is ok for something to be stupid. It is just a word that describes it's level of intelligence.

I am stupid in certain situations, my friends are stupid when they get drunk, and this dog is stupid when a ball goes into a trash can.

We are all stupid in different ways :P

vince black says:

haha stupid dog

Slime Bucket says:

You know, I've, I've never heard anyone make that joke before. God what a clever, smart girl you must be, to come up with a joke like that all by yourself.

Slime Bucket says:

wut is te point of posting your comment it does not effect the poster in any way

Slime Bucket says:

I have seen many many many dogs willing to go into even MORE confined spaces like that for a ball…

If the dog was human, too afraid to grab something right in front of him, and all he did was bitch, complain, yell, and cry you would call him stupid….

Elmira-Hope Music says:

You know, maybe dogs are posting videos like "my human is stupid."
Ummm I better check if my dog did. LOL

Zoey Nguyen says:

My dog never barks
Seeing you on the Internet pisses me off

Лейла Искандарова says:

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aspen anderson says:

…Seriously?…You really asked that?

Gabby Nelson says:

wut is te point of calling ur dog stupid it does not effect the dog in any way

Sonic4233 says:

Shut up, Meg.

Sonic4233 says:

The ball must of owed him money.

Shawn Buckley says:

correct dog is dumb

necromancy5411 says:

Silly dog. Barking at a ball will not make it move.

Scrublord says:

he looks at you like "GET IT OUT OF THERE!!!!!!"

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